Electrical Specifications

Dolphin Neurostim Safety Report for Pacemaker Patients, download a copy click here.

Outlined below are the electrical specifications for the Dolphin Neurostim™ unit. For additional information, please contact us.

  1. Power Source: 9 Volt Battery
  2. Wave Formation: Square Direct Current (DC wave)
  3. Voltage Output: 7 – 9 Volts
  4. Current Output: 50 – 800 microamps (depending on resistance)
    (amplitude is inversely proportional to skin resistance V = I x R )

During stimulation phase, parameters are: 0 to 8V with a frequency of 2.5Hz (± 10%). Pulses in this mode also vary with the intensity setting. When set at maximum intensity the current is 60 microamps for 100 kilohms and 400 microamps for 10 kilohms. MPS produces real microcurrent stimulation. Don’t be fooled, most devices that claim to be “microcurrent” devices, are simply not true, they often produce AC stimulation which is physically impossible to deliver in a microcurrent range.


A Note on Current Strength

MPS microcurrent strength is inversely proportional to skin resistance encountered on patient, and intensity will naturally vary depending on skin resistance of the patients’ Acupuncture or Trigger points. The lower the resistance of the active treatment point, the stronger the stimulation or current felt by the patient. Tenderness of the points will vary with severity of the condition. The more severe the condition, the more tender the points.