How to Use Your Dolphin Neurostim

 Read more to find out how the Dolphin works to treat your pain.

3 Ways Scars & Traumas Directly Affect Muscles

There are several ways that scars and physical trauma can directly affect muscles, leading to everything from a strain in day to day activities, to greatly decreased athletic performance. Here are the three primary ways in [...]

USA TODAY: Microcurrent Point Stimulation: A New Hope

Written by I-Hsien Sherwood, for USA Today Many patients suffer with chronic pain for years without relief. The causes and workings of pain still aren't fully understood. Pain re-related ailments like migraines, fibromyalgia or sciatica [...]

C-Section Scars and the Dolphin Neurostim

Most people don't realize it, but with C-section scars (and any abdominal scarring) there's the scarring you see on the outside at the incision site, and the scarring you can't see on the inside [...]

How the Dolphin Neurostim Affects Circulation

When our blood circulates, it flows from our heart throughout our bodies, carrying with it important nutrients, like oxygen, and removes contaminants, two things we require in order to maintain healthy skin and muscles. When [...]