We take ourselves off to the doctor expecting them to have a solution for our pain, only to find ourselves years down the road with a chronic pain issue that never seems to be resolved. Why is that?

It’s commonly assumed that traditional doctors learn about pain management at med school. But being a pain management doctor actually requires special training that most general doctors simply don’t have.

In most cases traditional doctors have very little understanding on the cause of pain, receiving most of their training on medications for symptoms. At best you’ve probably been prescribed some anti-inflammatories for your chronic pain. Or, if you’ve been lucky enough to find a more open minded doctor, they may have suggested massage or physiotherapy as an option.

In any case, what tends to happen is that most pain sufferers continue to coast along with temporary treatments that mask pain for a while, only to have it return again and again.

If you suffer with chronic pain, what you really need is a long term solution. So please read on, as there are some powerful options you may not have considered (yet).

The Science Behind Chronic Pain

First, it’s good to understand that pain is caused by an upregulated (overactive) nervous system, particularly the sympathetic nervous system (SNS).

The body’s automation is controlled by the autonomic nervous system (ANS), including pain and inflammatory response. There are two parts to the ANS:

  • Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) – fight/ flight/ stress
  • Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) – rest/ healing

In order to reduce chronic pain, your pain relief approach simply must balance the SNS and PNS. Otherwise, if your nervous system continues to be upregulated, the pain will not go away no matter what you do.

Common Causes Of Chronic Pain

The initiation of pain generally arises from an accumulation of physical or psychological issues.

Over the years we all experience physical traumas such as strains, falls, injuries, accidents, insomnia, and even illnesses, which can continue to throw the nervous system off balance to the point where the body is consistently in a fight or flight mode.

Then there’s all the emotional experiences we have, which all come under the banner of psychological issues – stress, anger, upset, grief, depression, anxiety and so forth.

Unfortunately in our society we haven’t been taught to effectively deal with emotional stress. Therefore, unresolved issues can also upregulate the nervous system and further contribute to ailments, aches, pains and physical issues.

Then, at some point you start getting those aches and pains. At first, they’re minor annoyances but, over time, they become chronic pain issues.

To you, the issue just seemed to appear out of nowhere and never got better. But the truth is, the problem usually accumulates and builds up in the body until your nervous system is pushed over the edge, then suddenly pain strikes and you’re in trouble.

The good news is there are effective remedies you can use.

4 Powerful Natural Pain Relief Strategies You May Not (Yet) Know About

To switch off the SNS, activate the PNS and experience natural pain relief, there are a few things that have been shown to be effective.

1. Stretch it out for natural pain relief.


According to the Yoga Journal, specific exercises and poses can help calm down the nervous system.

Using focused stretches, slow breathing, meditation and guided imagery activate the PNS, while vigorous yoga poses such as sun salutations, and breath retentions activate the SNS.

For natural pain relief the slow poses and breathing will bring the greatest benefits.

2. A little pin prick for pain management.


Acupuncture, a traditional Chinese medicine practice is well known to produce powerful effects on the PNS. In fact, it is listed by the World Health organization as one of the leading treatments for chronic pain relief.

However, it does involve small needles being penetrated in the skin to certain points of the body, which many people do not like.

3. Mind over matter for chronic pain.


Quite incredibly, a man called Wim Hof, submerged himself in ice for two hours and managed to maintain his core body temperature through control of the nervous system. Hof also managed to decrease his immune response to a flu-like bacteria by 50% compared to ‘normal’ people, and modulate the levels of inflammatory markers released in his body as well.

How did he do these seemingly miraculous things?

Through concentration and meditation.

As you can imagine, researchers were very skeptical of Hof’s ability so he took this one step further and trained 12 volunteers in concentration and meditation. When subjected to a range of experiments, the volunteers were also then able to directly impact their nervous and immune system responses.

There is ample science to show that our thoughts do in fact impact our physical responses. Meditation, concentration and quieting the mind help activate the PNS, healing systems in the body.

4. Stimulate healing mechanisms for natural pain relief.


Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS) devices, such as the Dolphin Neurostim work similar to acupuncture but there is no skin penetration. Yet, in the same way, MPS therapy produces powerful effects on the PNS, stimulating the body’s own healing mechanisms on a deep level.

The MPS devices provide a small microcurrent of point-based stimulation to specific acupuncture points in the body. The current is aligned with the body’s natural bio-electric current and stimulates the body on a cellular level to bring the positive and negative electrons back into balance. This downregulates the SNS and activates the PNS to encourage natural pain relief for chronic pain.

Natural Pain Relief - MPS and Low Back Pain

Natural Pain Relief – Average Pain Relief -70%

According to scientific analysis of MPS users, on average MPS Therapy produces natural pain relief by 70% in 1-3 treatments making one of the most potent natural pain relief remedies. As the nervous system continues to calm down, further improvements are noticed.

If you’re looking for natural pain relief, and haven’t tried these methods yet, we encourage you to do so. MPS treatment can be done at home using the FDA-approved Dolphin Neurostim device, or you can seek out the help of an MPS practitioner in your area.