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How to Avoid Foot or Limb Amputations Caused By Diabetic Neuropathy, Part 1

If you’re a diabetic, you’ve likely heard the horrifying stories of people having their feet, and even their whole limbs amputated. Unfortunately these aren’t just stories. Foot amputations are a serious diabetic complication, and they’re [...]

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3 Easy Ways To Get Neck Pain Relief for Modern Day Tech-Neck Issues

Modern day living comes with its pros and unfortunately, cons. Take technology for instance, it’s great that we’re all connected, have information at our fingertips, and can communicate with people more easily. But, that connectedness [...]

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2 Incredible Case Studies Show Remarkable Diabetic Neuropathy Treatment Results

We’ve put together a 2-part education series about diabetic neuropathy to help you avoid foot and limb amputations. In the last article we provided everything you need to know about diabetic neuropathy - what it [...]

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4 Powerful Natural Pain Relief Strategies You May Not (Yet) Know About

We take ourselves off to the doctor expecting them to have a solution for our pain, only to find ourselves years down the road with a chronic pain issue that never seems to be resolved. [...]