Feedback from Integrative Circuits I has been incredible! A Circuit is the simultaneous linking of two key acupuncture/trigger points with microcurrent in order to produce an amplified synergistic outcomes. Circuits may be linked neurologically, myofascially, or energetically with the sole purpose of amplifying pain relief and functional outcomes.

This course synthesizes Oriental Medicine with synergistic combinations of points. Learn how to develop protocols for the treatment and rehabilitation of chronic pain and disease. Learn advanced Standard Protocol, Advanced Scar Release, Fascial Axis Circuits, Orthopedic, Neuro-Sensory, Circulatory Circuits and much more.

Incredibly fast and effective protocols for a list of disorders far too long to name. A must course for those wanting a deeper insight into Functional Integrative Pain Medicine.

Course Requirements

We recommend that participants dress comfortably and bring a massage table.


Course Objectives:

  1. Learn advanced core therapy and psoas release
  2. Scar release for fascia and emotions
  3. Fascial Axis circuits
  4. Ascending/descending autonomic relationships of scars
  5. Learn to reconnect CNS/PNS for stroke/Parkinson’s
  6. Learn “Master” Circuits for patient unwinding
  7. New protocols for inflammation and circulation stagnation
  8. Learn Spinal-Source Point Circuits for segmental therapy
  9. Learn protocols to reduce swelling in upper/lower limbs
  10. Confluent circuits to control the spine and the nervous system
  11. Clear Heat and Wind syndromes for long lasting pain relief
  12. Increase your functional outcomes and accelerate tissue repair, improve outcomes, patient flow and become more profitable!