2 New approaches to Chronic Pain Management for incredible, fast outcomes

Scar Release Therapy (SRT) is an innovative new way to reduce your patients pain levels and dramatically improve the patient outcomes! SRT applies concentrated microcurrent to thickened scar tissue for the purpose of electrically “repolarizing” scar tissue. The newly “repolarized” scar is noticeably softer, with increased pliability and diminished physical appearance. Released scars also significantly reduce patient pain levels, improve organ function, release fascia, and can even eliminate stubborn emotional blockages … often after just one SRT application!
This weekend course certifies attendees in Scar Release Therapy (SRT).

Seminar Overview

(Day 1 – SRT):

  • Role of scars and nervous system in chronic pain
  • Key acupuncture points for pain/fascia release
  • Role of scars in chronic pain cycle
  • Scars/adhesions & infertility/ libido
  • Treating birthmarks & stretchmarks

Cranial-Suture Release Therapy (CRT) applies the same microcurrent effectively treating cranial sutures for health related benefits. Applying this stimulation can often produce significant sympathetic deregulation and visible and palpable tissue changes within one application.

(Day 2 – CRT):

  • Sutures & the CNS, ANS nervous systems
  • Sutures, concussions & TBI’s – Key Links
  • Location of cranial bones & sutures
  • Role of sutures & cranial bones in chronic pain


Participants will be required to complete sign-in sheets, a certificate request and a course evaluation form. Participants will also be required to demonstrate hands-on skills throughout the course and will be evaluated by the instructor(s).